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Moving on from a Job Loss

June 2011 (SmartPros) There's no two ways about it: Dealing with a job loss is a formidable challenge. The following are steps you can take to recover from the shock and launch a successful job search.

Calm Down
People often experience a mixture of disbelief and anger after learning that they’re being let go by their employer. While it’s completely understandable that you’re upset, you can’t afford to let your emotions get the best of you.

Digesting and accepting the news of a layoff will be a process that takes time. Before making any rash decisions (giving the boss a piece of your mind or venting on Facebook, for example) take some time to cool off, regroup and think critically about your next move.

Stay Connected
Some may react by withdrawing socially, but isolating yourself will only make matters worse. Now’s the time to take advantage of the network you’ve built over the course of your career.

Reach out to former colleagues and managers, business associates, old classmates, friends and family members for both job leads and emotional support. Help your contacts help you by being specific about the skills you offer and the type of position you’re targeting. Continue to grow your network by attending industry events, joining professional associations and leveraging networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Set Specific Goals
Losing a job can have multiple effects. In addition to losing a paycheck, your routine, and the camaraderie of coworkers, you’re also missing the sense of achievement and purpose a job can provide.

One way to maintain motivation and positive momentum is by making to-do lists with firm deadlines. Bullet points might include, “Send a targeted resume to XZY Inc. by noon today,” “Set up lunch meetings with at least three contacts by Tuesday” or “Connect with a specialized staffing firm by the end of the week.” Being disciplined and consistently reaching small goals will help you stay on track and buoy your spirits.

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