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Reduce Job Search Stress by Working With a Recruiter

July 2007 Looking for a job can be a stressful endeavor, requiring a significant amount of time, energy and resources. In fact, it can be a job in itself. You can make your search easier, however, by partnering with a recruiter. A well-chosen professional can extend your network and market your skills to prospective employers far more quickly and effectively than you could on your own.

Here's what you can do to maximize your relationship with a recruiter:

  • Work with a specialist. Specialized recruitment firms are extremely knowledgeable about the fields they serve and can provide targeted information about organizations that are hiring. For the best results, find a firm that works within your profession.

  • Explain who you are. The more clearly you communicate your experience and expectations, the easier it is for a recruiter to recommend positions. Send him or her a cover letter detailing your professional highlights, salary requirements and type of opportunity you seek.

  • Participate in your search. If you come across an opening that interests you, let your recruiter know so he or she can learn more about your areas of interest. By keeping in touch, you'll also show your continued interest.

  • Keep your recruiter informed. Let your recruiter know of progress in your job search, especially just after an interview. Your feedback can provide information that may be crucial in a follow-up call to the prospective employer. It can also convey important details about your interview skills.

  • Leverage the recruiter's experience. Recruiters can help you stand out in a competitive job market by reviewing your resume to determine if you are highlighting your strongest skills and by helping you prepare for interviews. Because they know the companies that are hiring, they also have a better sense of what the business is looking for in a potential candidate.

Working with a recruiter can also offer additional insight about the skills and certifications that you may need to advance your career. These professionals place job seekers at all levels of the corporate ladder and have the experience you need to help you find the perfect match for your talent and skills. 

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