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Standing Out in Your Company

May 2006 Positioning yourself for career advancement requires increasing your visibility both inside your organization and in the financial community. In the early stages of your career, it is even more important for you to ensure that your achievements are recognized and your work does not go unnoticed.

Following are a few strategies that can help: 

Get on the radar screen. The best way to increase your visibility is to become known as someone others can depend on. Offer to support your colleagues in aspects of their projects in which your knowledge may be relevant and helpful.  Also, submit regular activity reports so your manager knows what you're working on.

Show initiative. Demonstrate an eagerness to grow in your current job by seeking additional responsibilities that enable you to gain experience and make a larger contribution to your firm. You could, for example, ask to participate on an interdepartmental project team that's tackling a high-profile business challenge or offer to research a new accounting software application that will enhance the department's efficiency. You'll show that you understand the value of collaboration and being a team player.

Speak up. Prepare for meetings by researching the topic at hand so you're ready to contribute. Actively participating in group discussions will highlight your communication skills and strategic vision.

Work the network. By getting involved in community or business associations, you can broaden your network as well as your knowledge. Also, consider taking on a leadership position or writing articles for the organization's publication or website.

Go ahead, mingle. Take the time to get to know your coworkers better and also talk with people outside of your department. Participate in group lunches when your schedule permits and attend company gatherings, such as the annual picnic or holiday party. These events will allow you to develop camaraderie with other employees and make new contacts within the organization.

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