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 SmartPros Accounting News & Insights October 21, 2013  
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Feature: SEC May Ease Public Disclosure Rules

Book Pick: You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done

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Democrats decry changes to Homestead Tax Exemption
The new restrictions on the Homestead Tax Exemption that begin in 2014
for any homeowner who has not turned 65 are unfair and will be a burden on
senior citizens of the future, said two local Democrats.

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Irish Unveil Austerity Budget, Seek Bailout Exit


SEC May Ease Public Disclosure Rules
Publicly traded U.S. firms could soon face less-inclusive public disclosure
requirements, a top securities regulator signaled this week.


Business Transformation: The Role of Financial Executives
In an environment that is marked by constant economic, regulatory and technological change, leading finance teams are now aiding in the design and engineering of their enterprise's business transformation. Steven Hill, vice chair of KPMG LLP, explains how it can be to your business' advantage to make comprehensive changes, at a time when incremental shifts are not sufficient.


Leading the Epic Revolution: How CIOs Drive Innovation and Create Value Across the Enterprise
There are so many ways a team can go wrong. Does your team make decisions so slowly that nothing ever gets done, or does it go too fast and miss critical issues that come back to bite you later? Does your team bicker endlessly or smile and nod while avoiding the tough issues? Too often, team dysfunction leads to abysmal productivity and zero innovation for your organization, as well as misery and wasted time for you. Most team members sit and wait, feeling trapped in a team that just isn't working
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