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Professional Bookkeeper

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Today's universities train individuals in the complexities of audit, tax, and accounting standards for large corporations. Little is mentioned regarding the day-to-day accounting practices for the small business.  In choosing a bookkeeper/accountant, a small business owner should seek a professional qualified to support the needs of his/her small business. The Professional Bookkeeper designation recognizes such individuals with small business bookkeeping and accounting expertise in a variety of industries.

Becoming a Certified Professional Bookkeeper ("PB") is essential for an individual involved in the day-to-day accounting procedures of any small to mid-sized business. 

Certification and credentials are important in todays competitive environment. The Department of Labor, in their Occupational Outlook explain, "Those with ... bookkeeper certification will have the best job prospects."

The PB designation is restricted to graduates of Universal Accounting Center.  After more than 48 hours of focused training in practical applications in accounting procedures and passing the final exam, one is certified as a Professional Bookkeeper.

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