Choose an area of interest:

Choose an area of interest:

CBM Exam Topics

Part 1: Core Areas
100 General Management & Organization
200 Operations Management
300 Marketing Management
400 Quality & Process Management
500 Human Resources Management

Part 2: Functional Areas
100 Accounting
200 Finance
300 Information Technology
400 Corporate Control & Governance
500 International Business

Part 3: Integrated Areas
Part 3 of the CBM Exam encompasses the integration and application of Parts 1 and 2 within business case studies and situations. The focus is a cross-module application of the Core and Functional areas of the exam, including the practical use of theories, concepts, principles, strategies and tools in relevant scenarios that applicants will face in the business world.

While other business programs are more theoretical in nature, the CBM Exam is based on a practical business curriculum that addresses the real needs of practitioners in the business field.

Where and When Is the Exam Held?
Candidates may take the CBM Exam at Prometric Testing Centers around the world. Prometric is a leading worldwide provider of comprehensive technology-based testing and assessment services. The exam is computer-based, timed and proctored which ensures the integrity of the CBM Exam. If you would like to locate a testing center near you, please visit Prometric's Web site at and select the Association of Professionals in Business Management program.

For additional information on the CBM Exam and registration, please request the CBM Exam Information Packet. For details on exam fees, visit the CBM Exam Web site.

Each part of the exam must be taken sequentially.  You must pass Part 1 of the CBM Exam in order to take Part 2 and Part 3 may only be taken after you have passed Part 1 and Part 2.

Your scheduled appointment time is three and one half hours, of which you will have three hours to answer 150 multiple-choice questions for each part of the exam.

How to Prepare for the CBM Exam
To help you prepare for the CBM Exam, we have preparation guides available for purchase.  Not only do these guides provide a comprehensive single-source for exam preparation, they are an excellent desk reference for the business practitioner.  There are a total of six preparation guides for the CBM Exam. 

The preparation guides are as follows:

CBM Exam Part 1: Volume One—Theory
Volume Two—Practice Questions
CBM Exam Part 2: Volume Three—Theory
Volume Four—Practice Questions
CBM Exam Part 3: Volume Five—Theory
Volume Six—Practice Questions

The preparation guides were developed and published by South-Western Publishing, a division of Thomson Learning. Candidates can order books from APBM’s secure Web site, or by calling 323-936-6757.

Sample pages from the preparation guides can be found on

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