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The CBM is the Certified Business Manager credential. The CBM is to a business manager as the CPA is to an accountant, as the PE is to an engineer, and as the CFA is to an investment analyst.

The Certified Business Manager (CBM) program provides a generalized business education at the graduate level, covering essential subject matter useful to business practitioners. The CBM program is designed to complement existing specialty certifications (CPA, CIA, CQA, PE, PMP, SPHR, etc.), to validate a business professional’s practical business experience and knowledge, and to act as an efficient preparatory tool for a graduate business program.

The credential takes a comprehensive MBA curriculum and presents it in a certification format, teaching and measuring the skills and knowledge required to become a successful manager in the global business community.
At the core of the CBM certification is its exam and its continuing education – CBM Lifetime Learning. The CBM Exam covers ten essential areas/modules of business (i.e. Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, International Business and Quality Management) and their cross-functional applications in three, three hour-long parts. Each part contains 150 multiple-choice questions.

The CBM Exam syllabus, the study materials, and the continuing education program are revised regularly to reflect the ever-changing face of this new era of global business economy.

While the benefits offered by the CBM are varied and applicable to anyone currently practicing in a business career, looking to enter a business field, or just wanting to self-test. The CBM is useful to anyone in a position where their specialized knowledge just isn’t enough, such as:

  • Professionals looking to make a career advancement
  • Specialists who want to understand other aspects of business besides their own
  • People entering undergraduate/graduate business school and want a head start on business fundamentals
  • Small business owners/entrepreneurs who are required to understand the "big picture"

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