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Media Business
by Ned Steele  • 212.243.8383

NED STEELE works with accounting and financial professionals who want to learn how to get more media visibility, and with firms that want to create a business development initiative to grow their business.  He is president of Ned Steele's MediaImpact. He is the author of 102 Publicity Tips To Grow a Business or Practice (2004).


Getting Noticed With Articles: A Step By Step Easy Guide
In my previous column, I talked about why it's smart -- and even easy -- to use articles to get your practice noticed, attract new prospects, and increase visibility and prestige. I dispensed with the myth that we are all too busy, or inexpert, to do it.
Use Articles to Get Noticed and Attract Clients: Here's How to Do It Quickly and Easily
Articles are a great way to get noticed, attract new prospects, and increase your visibility and prestige. But many people in the professional services believe they can't do it -- it's too hard to get exposure, they can't write, they don't have time, etc. I hear the excuses all the time.
Staying On Your Referral Sources' Radar Screens
Okay, we all know the best way to get a new client: By referral. But what's the best way to get those referrals -- and get more of them?
PR and Marketing: Once Is Not Enough
We can create a system to get ourselves out there often enough, to be in front of their eyeballs when they are ready and receptive, because they need our services.
Letters to the Editor: A Publicity Opportunity
The 'Letters to the Editor' page is one of the most popular and widely read sections of your local newspaper. That makes it a publicity tool just waiting to be used -- by you.
How to Contact a Reporter With Your Story Idea
Ignore the stereotype that reporters are too busy for you. In fact, they could really use your help. Learn how to approach reporters with your story ideas.
Know What Your Clients Read
Too often, accounting professionals bask in the glow of exposure they attain in their own profession's publications. Sure that's nice, but are your clients reading the accounting publications?
Grow Your Accounting Business in Five Easy Steps
Attracting new business: sometimes it happens by luck, sometimes by referral. Trouble is, "sometimes" isn't often enough.
How to Attract Clients: Sell Nothing
The smart way to build and enhance client relationships is by sharing your expertise, not blatantly selling. Here's how simple and common sense it is, in five steps.

Be a Media Mogul to Build Your Practice
As the head of your own media empire, create powerful new tools and strategies to help you build your practice.
Accounting firms need to do a better job telling the market that they care by talking less about themselves and more about the customer.
Business Development: A Model for 2004
Use your expertise to market your firm at no cost. Follow this year-round plan to maximize exposure.
Simple Steps for Free Year-Round Publicity
Use your expertise to market your firm at no cost. Follow this year-round plan to maximize exposure.
Many in the professional services cry out for visibility and free exposure, often overlooking an easy avenue.
Let's Hear From the Accountants!
Why do accountants seem to consistently get less publicity -- I'm talking about the good kind, the kind that helps build a practice -- than financial planners or lawyers?
It's Tax (and Media) Season
Right now is the best time of the year -- and one of the best windows in many years -- for accountants to get favorable, invaluable publicity that will help build their practices.
The 80-20 Rule
Learn how to build your PR campaign by talking as little about yourself as possible.
It's the End of the Year, Not the End of the World
The best time for accountants to get media attention is now! Put aside all the negative publicity and follow this 10-step guide to get the media recognition you deserve.
The 10 "Don'ts" for Your Publicity Campaign
There are all kinds of smart moves financial professionals can make to raise their media visibility. Here are ten things not to do if you're aiming to heighten your public profile.
How to Package, Present and Deliver Your Story to the Media, Part II
In part two of this segment, learn how to win over reporters and package your story to gain public exposure for your business. 
How to Package, Present and Deliver Your Story to the Media, Part I
Basic steps to turning your knowledge and expertise into stories that the media can use -- giving you free publicity in the bargain.
Smaller Can Be Better -- When You're Smarter
Small firms can outscore bigger competitors and gain market share with public relations. The key to doing it well: don't mimic the big guys and gals. Do it smartly, but on your scale. How? Here are eight rules.
Publicity: A Small Firm's Best Marketing Friend
If you're a CPA firm or practitioner, you're full of information that clients need and pay for -- topics such as how to run a business or how to protect assets. Learn how to gain inexpensive (yet priceless) publicity by volunteering your expertise.
How to Play the Publicity Game
When done right, public relations is about credibility. Learn why the media -- reporters in particular -- are key to gaining inexpensive and credible PR for your firm.
How Any and Every Firm Can Afford Publicity 
Publicity is one of the most useful, cost-effective tools to build an accounting practice. It doesn't matter whether you are a solo practitioner, small firm, mid-sized, or giant. Publicity just works.

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