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Ten Ways to Make a Good Impression
Q: I am starting an internship soon. How do I make a good impression?

A: Here are ten ways to make a positive lasting impression:

  1. Introduce yourself to everyone with a smile and firm handshake (a wimpy handshake indicates a lack of confidence).
  2. Show enthusiasm. What can it hurt?
  3. Ask questions in order to develop a solid understanding of the organization. Make it apparent that you care about the organization (think like a long-term employee).
  4. Be punctual! It is important your co-workers view you as a dependable worker.
  5. Follow all rules and regulations.
  6. Dress like a professional. Develop a clear understanding of what is and what is not acceptable attire.
  7. Act like a professional. Do NOT gossip and ALWAYS remain positive.
  8. Listen to directions and follow them well.
  9. Be a problem-solver. Ask for advice and clarification when needed, but when applicable, do your best to solve your own problems before going to someone else.
  10. Report your progress to your supervisor. Set aside a time each week to discuss your goals and accomplishments.

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